History of the Georgia Federation of Republican Women

The Georgia Federation affiliated with the NFRW in 1957. Following the Republican National Convention in 1956, Mrs. Harold McGeorge of Florida, regional director for the NFRW, and Margaret Twiggs, vice chairman of the Georgia Republican State Committee, toured the state organizing the first Republican women’s clubs in Atlanta, Macon, Rome, Americus, and Blue Ridge. When General Eisenhower carried Richmond County, the Republican women were given the credit. The Georgia Federation’s first convention was held in Augusta in January 1957, and President Eisenhower wired his congratulations. One of the state’s leading newspapers, The Atlanta Constitution, said, “The two-party system in Georgia gained momentum Monday when a state-wide organization of Republican Women was formed in Augusta.”

GFRW Women of the Year

Ora Jean Gunnin – 2007
Babe Atkins Byrne – 2009
Reva Jennings – 2011
Marjean Bert – 2013
Judy True – 2017
Chris Waldman – 2019
Rose Wing – 2021
Bobbie D. Frantz – 2023

Past Presidents Include:

Pam Lightsey, 2022-2025
Kim Sherk, 2020-2021
Joyce Hinton, 2018-2019
Barbara Hickey, 2016-2017
Ruby Robinson, 2014-2015
Rose Wing, 2012-2013
Suzy Voyles, 2010-2011
Millie Rogers, 2006-2009
Valerie Betz, 2002-2005
Emma Hinesley, 1998-2001
Sharon Jacoby, 1993-1997
Katherine Miller, 1989-1990
Reva Jennings, 1987-1988
Sandra Deyton, 1985-1986
Helen Von Waldner, 1983-1984
Katherine Miller, 1979-80
June Kidd, 1977-1978
Lil McAfee, 1975-1976
Margaret Holliman, 1971-1974
Virginia Estes Massey, 1969-1970
Bootsie Calhoun, 1967-1968
Lee Ague Miller, 1965-1966
Mrs. W.C. LeShanna, 1964-1965
Rita Creeson, 1963-1964
Anne Bateman, 1961-1962
Mrs. Halycon Bell, 1959-1960
Mrs. S.S. Haliburton, 1957 (founding)




Pam Lightsey, GFRW President

267 Stonington Dr
Martinez, GA 30907

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