The Georgia Federation of Republican Women would greatly appreciate your financial contribution so that we may continue to achieve the organization’s goals for the Republican cause in Georgia. Your contribution makes it possible to maintain the website, print materials, post an on-line Journal, form new clubs and supporting existing clubs. We welcome your contribution as a Ronald Reagan Club member or as a Sustaining Member in support of GFRW efforts to advance the participation of Republican women in all areas of politics and to promote Republican
candidates and philosophy.

Membership in the Reagan Club entitles members to a special pin, receptions, recognition and VIP seating at meetings of the GFRW Board of Directors.

Ronald Reagan Remembered: (Click on links to read articles)

Remarks by the President Upon the Death of President Ronald Reagan

President Bush’s Eulogy at Funeral Service for President Reagan

Ronald Reagan’s final letter to America – the Alzheimers Letter

Some of President Reagan’s Famous Speeches:

We Will Be a City Upon a Hill
January 25, 1975
First Conservative Political Action Conference

“The Evil Empire”
March 8, 1983
Address to the National Association of Evangelicals, Orlando Florida

The Boys of Pointe du Hoc
June 6, 1984
U.S. Ranger Monument at Point du Hoc, Normandy, France

“Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down this Wall!”
June 12, 1987
Speech at the Brandenburg Gate, West Berlin

Ronald Reagan on the Cold War
November 19, 1990
Westminster College Cold War Memorial, Fulton, Missouri

Empire of Ideals
August 17, 1992
Republican National Convention, Houston, Texas

Last Letter to America
November 5, 1994
In His Own Words

Reagan Photo Library:

View many Images from the Reagan Library archives selected by the Reagan Library Audiovisual staff. All the photographs are in the public domain.


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