Effective January 1, 2020, dues to GFRW will be $7 per club member and dues to NFRW will be $20 per club member, for a total of $27.
The one-time processing fee of $15 per club remains the same.

Welcome to the Georgia Federation of Republican Women

The Georgia Federation of Republican Women is comprised of clubs all over the state of Georgia. Each club that becomes a member of the Georgia Federation automatically becomes a member of the National Federation of Republican Women.
If you are not a member of a club, you may want to join one in your area. To find a GFRW club in your area, click on our “Find A Club” tab and search for a club by County or ZIP Code. If there is not a club in your area, you may wish to become an At-Large Member. You will find membership information and the different ways to sign up on the Membership tab.

Dear Georgia Federation of Republican Women’s Club Members,

The Georgia Federation of Republican Women’s Club (GFRW), now in our sixty-third year, has a rich and glowing history of devotion to making a difference as a shining light in the Republican Party. The camaraderie and friendships formed among members over the years while working together in the spirit of voluntary service have forged bonds that have sustained us as a committed, long lasting organization. We are deeply rooted as a sparkling example of determination, dedicated to fostering Republican principles and educating the electorate.

We are so excited about the GFRW entering 2020, and continuing to have a great impact reinforcing conservative values in Georgia and across our nation. Our members are energetic, smart, hard working and dedicated to our communities by working on campaigns and electing Republican candidates to office. We persist in our efforts to be the best we can be and strive to broaden our social media and community presences in order for more people to learn about the GFRW and our mission to grow the Republican Party at all levels of government.

GFRW is a part of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), and our organizations consistently receive the coveted Diamond Award for excellence at the National Federation Convention, together forming one of the largest volunteer organizations in the United States. I hope that this year prompts many of you to get more involved by bringing your friends and neighbors to your club’s monthly informative meetings, serving on our board and committees, and connecting in our campaigns and outreach activities.

Let’s make 2020 the best year ever for Georgia!


Kim Sherk, President
Georgia Federation of Republican Women
GFRW: Efficient, Effective, Engaged and Empowered since 1957


Congratulations to the newly elected 2020-2021 GFRW Officers:
President, Kim Sherk
1st VP – Pam Lightsey
2nd VP – Elaine Hollis (not pictured)
3rd VP – Linda Clements
Secretary – Johnell Woody
Treasurer – Cindy McNeill
Asst. Treasurer – Debra Coulter

GFRW Woman of the Year

Congratulations to GFRW’s 2019 Woman of the Year
Chris Waldman

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GFRW Board of Directors

Kim Sherk, GFRW President
Johnelle Woody, Secretary
Johnell Woody, Secretary
Pam Lightsey, 1st Vice President
Cindy McNeill, Treasurer
Elaine Hollis, 2nd Vice President
Debra Coulter, Asst. Treasurer
Linda Clements, 3rd Vice President
Joyce Hinton, Immed.
Past President

Achievement Awards – Donna Crumbley, Chair –
Campaign Activities –
Communications – Joyce Hinton, Chair –
Finance –
Fundraising – Christine Becnel, Chair –
Legislation/National – Diane Vann, Chair –
Legislation/State – Angela Bean, Chair –
Membership – Denise Ognio, Chair –
Program – Elaine Hollis, Chair –
Publications – Bobbie D. Frantz, Chair –
Public Relations – Maria Shoemaker, Chair –
Rules & Bylaws – Ruby Robinson, Chair –

Wendy Harper, Chair –
Armed Services – Allie Osuch, Chair –
Caring for AmericaKim Sherk, Chair –
Homeland Security
Leadership Development
Literacy/MELPDonna Crumbley, Chair –
Protocol – Ruby Robinson, Chair –
Sergeant-At-ArmsChris Waldman, Chair –
Women’s Health
Parliamentarian – Rose Wing, Chair,
Chaplain – Elaine Hollis,

District 1 – Gussie Gammon –
District 2 –
District 3 –
District 4 – Ullainee Stokes –
District 5 – No clubs
District 6 – Natalie Olmi –
District 7 – Carol Field –
District 8 – Michelle Kimbler –
District 9 – Judy True –
District 10 – Debby Bailey –
District 11 – Janet Sherman –
District 12 – Annette Turabi –
District 13 – Maggie Sheehan –
District 14 – Lydia Hallmark –




Kim Sherk, GFRW President

4099 River Cliff Chase SE
Marietta, GA 30067

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